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    Joint 25man Naxx Raid on Weekends with Purple Haze


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    Joint 25man Naxx Raid on Weekends with Purple Haze

    Post  Merson on Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:14 pm

    Hi, I understand that alot of our guildees are pugging 25mans during the afternoons or weekends, some get into good pugs, some don't. Thus we have been approached by Purple Haze, Lyshan to put our guilds together and raid Naxx. Purple Haze has some 15 or so Raiders, and like them, we probably have like 16-18 regular raiders atm. So it looks like its a good fit for both our guilds to come together to do a joint raid.

    Leading the raid will be our Guild, they will assist us. Both guilds will provide 2 tanks and 3 healers. The rest will be Dpsers, so it is important that you logon early and stay alert for raid invites as it'll be more or less first come, first serve. We'll be using both days of the weekend to clear Naxx, so we cannot afford to spend 30mins waiting for 1 more Revelation Dpser when there's 2 Purple Haze Dpsers waiting online.

    This raid is not compulsory, but if you are into 25man raiding or want upgrades from Naxx 10man, I urge you to try to turn up for this raid. Being involved in this raid does not mean you can forget our Two Raid Group System, it just means you have another avenue of getting loot, Leet Loot. Furthermore, like a pug 25man, you can leave when you have something on, but try to let the Raid Leaders know early and hopefully get a replacement from the guild.

    As this week will be our first joint raid, future raids will be determined by the level of success in this first one. Raiding days/timing are as follows;

    Saturday 6pm Server Time onwards. 3-4 Hours
    Sunday 6pm Server Time onwards. 3-4 Hours or til fully cleared.

    Purple Haze are made up of some good raiders so there's no need to worry about their pedigree, let's make sure our own raiders are up to the mark. Learn the fights during our 10man runs and please do not make any errors in the 25man runs. (Example Jardius having to tell people to get out of the void zones during the 4 Horsemen fight is no go.)

    Once you've read this, please post if you're interested or have any reservations about this arrangement.

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    Re: Joint 25man Naxx Raid on Weekends with Purple Haze

    Post  Popiah on Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:18 am

    Sounds interesting Mers I'm interested but this Saturday is unfortunately a no go for me (got summoned back to work) I'll try on Sunday if you guys need an extra set of heals. Anyway good luck ~~

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    Re: Joint 25man Naxx Raid on Weekends with Purple Haze

    Post  Jardius on Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:54 am

    is interested
    please put me on raid heals or something non-important at first..
    or u can make me the casters of this guild the uber dpsers! Razz


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    Re: Joint 25man Naxx Raid on Weekends with Purple Haze

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