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    Raid Attendence for Naxx, Friday (10/04/09)


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    Raid Attendence for Naxx, Friday (10/04/09) Empty Raid Attendence for Naxx, Friday (10/04/09)

    Post  Bett-Gene on Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:12 pm

    The following are the raiders who turn up on Friday for Naxx. Due to limited players online at that time, we went into Naxx with 9 men to attempt to complete Construct Wing. Special thanks to Ely/Halosend as she immediately came in to fill in the numbers as soon as her 25 Men pug Naxx was over.

    1) Arsky
    2) Neveah
    3) Bettega
    4) Dreamfrost
    5) Bithato
    6) Popiah
    7) Bufero
    Cool Halosend (came in for grob)
    9) Currypuff
    10) Vanzandt

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