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    Raiding List for April 29 2009


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    Raiding List for April 29 2009 Empty Raiding List for April 29 2009

    Post  Merson on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:33 am

    Alright, I've been informed that a number of people will not be able to make it for this week's raid, including,

    1) Jardius
    2) Popiah
    3) Currypuff
    4) Vanzandt

    As such, we'll be taking a much simpler raid schedule for this week.

    Wed 11pm Server Time - Off
    Thur 11pm Server Time - Off
    Fri 11pm Server Time - Ulduar (Flame Leviathan) and Emalon
    Sat 11pm Server Time - Off
    Sun 11pm Server Time - OS
    Mon 11pm Server Time - Off

    Since we started raiding Naxx about 4 months ago, we have not had a real break so we'll take this week's opportunity to have a break. However on any of the off nights, if there are 10 online between 11pm - 11.30pm server time and there's a Raid Leader on, we may consider going into Naxx to kill sometime. But I urge everyone to make good use of this break and recharge your batteries. I'm looking forward to going full force into Ulduar next week.

    We have found a few good and easier strats for downing the bosses we have been trying so I'm confident of getting more bosses down in Ulduar soon.

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