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    Know Strats for Raid Bosses


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    Know Strats for Raid Bosses Empty Know Strats for Raid Bosses

    Post  Merson on Tue May 05, 2009 7:48 pm

    This isn't a big issue but I think its one that should be said. As raiders I'll expect everyone to know the strat, not the exact strat but at least to know what to avoid, what will happen and how to kill it parts of the strat. There are two websites that we are using for strats;


    Especially for bosses on Farm, please know what to do instead of Raid Leaders/guildees spending 10mins to explain the fight. We SPECIALISE in 10man raids, which means that everyone in that 10 at that moment has to know what to do. If we lose people to mistakes or someone isn't pulling their weight in DPS or if someone does not know where to go etc, it usually means a wipe. So please please, know the strats.

    Do you have to know the strat for every single Raid Boss? Nope, you only need to know the strat for Bosses that are on Farmed and Bosses that we are attempting. I'll put up a list in case anyone doesn't know what we have accomplished...

    1) Archavon (WG)
    2) Obsidian Sanctum (up to +1 drake)
    3) Entire Naxx (all 15 bosses)
    4) Eye of Eternity
    5) Emalon (WG) (Recently)
    6) Ulduar - Flame Leviathan

    1) Obsidian Sanctum + 2 drakes
    2) Ulduar - Ignis Furnace Maker
    3) Ulduar - Razorscale
    4) Ulduar - X00T2 Deconstructor

    If you've been raiding all this while, you'll been there for those farmed achievements so the fight should be easy for you, but if you were not around, try to read up the strats for the bosses above. So that if you are there for the raid, you can contribute efficiently.

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