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    Merger with Bochup


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    Merger with Bochup Empty Merger with Bochup

    Post  Merson on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:31 am

    Hi all, most of you if not everyone would have heard by now that we are planning a merger with Bochup, a Singaporean guild. This is basically so that both Guilds can attempt 25man content, especially 25man Ulduar.

    I understand that those of you who have been with us longer than 2 years would have gone through another merger we had been, namely Ultimate. But thats a thing of the past, our bonds are stronger, we are more mature now and we have a chance to avoid the same mistakes we made. Bad memories aside, this does not mean the end of Bloody Revelation, we will put this Guild on hold when the merger happens. So if anything bad happens or if dispute arises, we'll simply come back here.

    Now, some details of the merge,

    1) Bochup will be coming with about 20+ members and I think we'll have about 15-20 people from our side.

    2) Raids will be first come, first serve, so do not be late.

    3) Loot will be distributed via a new rolling system called SK system, its a ladder system, where top players on the top of their class ladders get to roll for loot, if they pass, the chance goes to the 2nd step of the ladder and so on. Whoever gets the loot, will go to the bottom of the ladder. Thats the basic rundown of the new system, there are still some things to work out, like what if players are absent and main/offspec etc. But from what I've heard, it is miles ahead of the infamous dkp system. Also, this system does promote a fairer loot distribution versus everyone simply rolling for loot (prevents lootwhoring). So people will actually have to think about what the loot does for them, if they want to wait for a drop and if the present drop is a real upgrade for them etc.

    4) All officers from the current Guilds will remain as officers. Probably both guilds will have to appoint 2 loot officers as the system above is new, either that or we'll be appointing Class officers and those officers have to keep track of the individual class ladders.

    5) Guild Master, I was nominated by Pop to be the GM for the new Guild and Bochup have agreed. So looks like I'll be running my iron fist over you guys again.

    6) BR's Guild Bank, once the Merger is confirmed, I will be freezing the Guild Bank, this does not mean you should be withdrawing everything and anything at the moment. I will probably only take the most useful items like flasks, pots over to the new guild, maybe some BoE gear and some Mats. If you have an idea regarding how to liquidfy the current guild bank items, please let me know because we need to raise money for the merger.

    7) It has been suggested that both Guilds bring 10k gold each to the new Guild. It sounds reasonable, equal portions would discourage any comparison in future. As for the amount, it does sound alot at first, but if you consider that we had about 5k+ gold in the gbank when Ulduar started, and until recently, due to repairs for progression, we had about 1k+ left. Fortunately for some BoE epics which we were able to sell, we got the gbank amount back up to 3k+. So considering that we'll be engaging in 25man content, there'll be more people who will be using gbank money for repairs after progression runs, 20k gold looks like a good number to start us off.

    So I will be looking for a Guild 'farewell/welcoming to new guild' tax soon. It'll probably be between the amounts of 200g to 400g. After which, any shortage will be matched by the officers and myself.

    Cool All from Bloody Revelation will be welcomed into the new Guild. Whether you raid or not, you are still welcomed. I wish to carry forward the same atmosphere we have in the current guild.

    9) Names for the New Guild, if anyone has any suggestions for the New Guild name, feel free to post here to let me or the other officers know. It will most probably not be a name arising from both current guild names, especially since most Bochup member do not like that name. And I think it'll be better if we leave our name alone. So the new Guild name would be something original, the direction funny or serious is up for grabs but most likely it will be a serious name. Limit your answers to one or two words as the longer a name is, the less serious or awesome it becomes.

    Meanwhile, any concerns or suggestions you may have, please feel free to let me or any of the other officers know.

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    Post  Frosty on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:51 am

    Excellent Mers. Can i have tax

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    Post  -:Gleface:- on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:22 pm

    <Nirvana Absinthe>
    <Azura Eclipse>
    <Amethyst Sanctuary>
    <E.T Go Home> (lol?)

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    Post  Holistix on Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:57 am

    My guild when i was playing in EU servers was called "Unsanctioned Violence", always loved that name (it was called USV for short)

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