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    Raid Loot Rules Empty Raid Loot Rules

    Post  Merson on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:29 am

    As we are a friends guild, built on friendship whether RL or Online, we've all come together for quite some time now, some of us go back to the start of WoW. As such, I hope everyone will agree with me that we do not need Loot Drama. In fact, we all hate loot drama. But as more people are raiding (Living together) we'll need some rules so that everyone is clear as to what to do when something happens. In Long and Ama's raiding group, they have implemented a 2 tier rolling system on loot to prevent misunderstandings, I was there and I like that system. Thus, I'm going to put it up for everyone to see and know what happens when a Raid Leader says 1st Roll Tier 7 Helm etc.

    1st Roll - Means MAIN Characters MAIN Spec gets to roll.

    2nd Roll - Means ALT Characters MAIN Spec and MAIN Characters Offspec gets to roll.

    3rd Roll - Means ALT Character Offspec gets to roll.

    4th Roll - Enchanters only (Roll to see how disenchants and deposits into gbank, lowest roll have to DE, highest roll get to relax Razz)

    Alright jokes aside, I hope everyone can understand the first 3 Tiers of rolling I have just stated. If you do not, or do not agree, please say so.

    I also understand that there's an Unofficial "official' Deathsbite Waiting List, so I'll let that list carry on until those involved have gotten their loot, then we'll going with all loot under these system. Please let post if there's another unofficial official loot waiting list :p

    Also, please have good sense to pass if you have received more than 3 loot pieces per raid if you keep winning against someone :p Loot whores aren't exactly friendship material :p

    With regards to the above and the Raiding Roster, if you want to change your Mains or your Main Spec, please let at least Two Officers know. Then only when BOTH Officers have replied you, saying go ahead, then you may go ahead ON THE FOLLOWING WEEK. I will try to update the raiding Roster weekly. This is a friends guild, so please do NOT start with 1 Main Char on that week and end that week with a 2nd Main Char just so that you can roll for something you want. That is why all applications will be implemented the following week.

    Some might say why not DKP? We say we are a 10man Casual(Semi-hardcore) Raiding Guild. To force people to come on to earn points and we end up with people saving DKP for certain items will definitely not help relations between guildees.

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